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Why Ridley-Tree Cancer Center?

IMG_14398-chris-small-800pxw-lorezThere are many components that come together to make any cancer center your best choice. Optimally, you want the finest doctors and care team along with a dedicated support staff plus wellness programs and support for family and friends as needed.

We believe that the Ridley-Tree Cancer Center is unique in its ability to provide all of the above. Our doctors have worked and taught in the finest cancer centers in the world, including Harvard, Sloan-Kettering, UCLA and the National Institutes of Health. Now they are here, working for you.

Our wellness program was the first of its kind in the nation and was a test-case that demonstrated the importance of a wellness program to the long-term health and recovery of cancer patients.

Although all our doctors have taught and worked in academic centers and our technology is on par with all and better than many, Ridley-Tree Cancer Center is not one. This allows us to offer a level of personalized care and warmth that academic centers are not known for.

And, for the residents of Santa Barbara, San Luis Obispo and Ventura Counties, we are close and easy to get to. Having to fight traffic and congestion to get to care and treatment is a level of stress that our patients enjoy avoiding. Plus, the peace and tranquility of Santa Barbara is something enjoyed by our patients from out of town, out of state and out of county.

When we say “Comprehensive Care” we don’t just mean comprehensive medical care. We mean that, plus all the health, healing and stress-reduction our many additional programs provide. Because it all matters. A relaxed and comfortable patient is a healthier patient. And that is our focus for you. That’s why we say:  

Ridley-Tree Cancer Center.  Comprehensive Cancer Care.  Focused on You.